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App by Petit Hack

Unlock your Webflow potential with Auditflow

Get personalized, actionable insights to boost your site’s performance
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47 issues to fix for improve your website

Unleash the Power of Auditflow

Discover the next level in Webflow optimization with Auditflow. Our tool transforms your website management, integrating advanced SEO strategies with user-friendly features.

Effortless Content Control

Seamlessly tweak titles and meta descriptions for both your static pages and collections in one convenient spot. Enjoy smart, AI-driven suggestions (under development) to keep your site fresh and engaging.

Image Compression Made Easy

Compress your CMS images with just a few simple clicks. Speed up your site's loading time and enhance overall performance, all while keeping your visuals crisp and clear.

Your Site's Health at a Glance

Get a clear, easy-to-read overview of your site's health with our user-friendly dashboard. Track vital metrics effortlessly and stay on top of your site’s performance with ease.

Simplify the Tedious Tasks

Breeze through the mundane with automated OpenGraph syncing, quick image renaming, and easy alt text additions. Link your collection fields to page templates smoothly, keeping your CMS clutter-free and efficient.


Achieve Superior Results

Auditflow is more than a tool; it's a game-changer for your web projects. Designed to meet diverse needs, it offers customized solutions for freelancers, agencies, marketing teams, and SEO experts. Discover how it can specifically benefit your workflow.

Freelance Powerhouse

Ship Webflow websites like a madman! Speed up your workflow with a comprehensive checklist, ensuring top quality and enabling higher billing.

Agency Hub

Centralize client site monitoring and quality control. Deliver consistent excellence and make every client a repeat client.

SEO Made Easy

Master Webflow SEO with ease, no developers needed. Efficiently optimize and manage, focusing on impactful results.

Content Champions

Keep your content crisp, SEO-friendly, and impactful. Perfect for monitoring quality and guiding content strategies to success.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

How is Auditflow different from other Webflow optimization tools?

Think of Auditflow as your all-in-one, Swiss Army knife for Webflow. While others play catch-up, we're busy integrating everything that affects technical SEO, site launches, and content SEO into one slick package. It's like having a secret weapon for your web projects.

Can Audiftlow handle big projects or is it just for small-scale tasks?

Oh, we’re all about going big! Audiftlow is designed to flex its muscles on projects of any size. Whether you're managing a small blog or a huge e-commerce site, we've got the power and finesse to handle it all.

What’s the pricing for Auditflow?

Here’s the kicker – Auditflow is currently free! We're in the 'winning hearts and minds' phase. Once our AI integration is complete, we'll have a chat with our community about pricing. So, enjoy the free ride while it lasts!

How can I get support for Auditflow?

Need a hand? Just hop onto our Discord channel. It's where all the cool kids hang out, and our support is as speedy as it gets. Join the party here

What if I need a feature that Auditflow doesn’t have?

Missing something? Shout it out on Discord! We’re always super stoked to learn about what you need. Share your brilliant ideas with us, and if they vibe with our vision of Auditflow, we might just make them happen. It’s like making a wish at a tech genie – sometimes, it gets granted! : Our Discord